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WeQreQR was created as a result of the trademarked award-winning Digital Information Hub’s Product. The Hubs incorporate multi—URL QR codes which link to websites, videos, PDF, automated feedback forms and host of other digital literature through one interactive live hub.
The hub’s inventor, Steffan Gimblett, who has over 20 years’ experience in the public sector, used many QR code generating platforms to achieve his goals but, by using the generators, he quickly realised that he could improve on what was already available by introducing an even better generator platform offering and exceptional user experience.
More importantly, Steff discovered that most qr generator platforms do not cater for the single user, someone who only wants one QR code, as all other generators have expensive medium to high use pricing plans.
Here at WAreQR we are the first generator platform to offer a pricing plan for the single QR code user, making the exceptional technology accessible and affordable for all, while at the same time catering for small, medium and large needs with industry leading price plans.

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